Soberlink is committed to changing the perception of alcohol use disorders by developing intuitive technology for recovery management.  Since 2011, promoting accountability and connectivity with real-time BAC testing is the foundation of Soberlink’s success. Soberlink’s FDA Cleared System is the smart solution for any person serious about recovery. Learn More about Soberlink 

New Way To Protect Your Sobriety

10 June 2016 Written by 

Accountability Is A Prime Motivator:In weight loss, your weekly weigh-in is one of the key ingredients to success. You may be nervous, worrying what will be revealed. You may think about for days before the weigh in is done. And knowing that you will be held accountable affects your decisions during the week. And that’s a good thing. The weigh in is both the pat on the back and the deterrent needed to stay on track.

Alcohol Abusers Need This Key Addiction Recovery Component Too

12 step programs, a strong support system, including a sponsor and therapy, are all important recovery tools. What’s been missing is a super easy monitoring system like the Weight Watcher’s weigh in.

Now There’s A Portable Alcohol Monitoring System That's As Aasy As Breathing

The breathalyzer was invented in 1967. Now, 50 years later the Soberlink company has developed the technology for a digital cellular device that’s discreet, customized to you, and sends your results to a safe sky cloud through Verizon wireless.

Soberlink Is The Easiest Way Monitoring Yet

Other forms of alcohol monitoring include peeing in a cup for urine testing and wearing an ankle bracelet that measures your sweat. With Soberlink, all you do breathe into the handheld device twice a day. If you miss a test or slip, your support team can help you get back on track right away. It is a security system against relapse in early recovery.








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