Playing Cards Helps Recovery

05 September 2016 Written by 

Playing Cards Offer Winning Hand For Recovery

Looking for ways to remain sober after spending 30 days in treatment for alcohol and drug addictions in 2010, entrepreneur Chris Rosburg discovered that two aces up his sleeve made the perfect pair.

While in treatment, Rosburg received sober slogans from his caregivers, messages he describes as “quick and quirky.”

“I spent a really good amount of time on the weekends home alone, memorizing those sober slogans and making them a part of my daily and nightly routine, and trying to figure out how they applied to my life,” he tells Addiction Professional.

Needing a way to keep himself occupied on Friday and Saturday nights, a time Rosburg felt he was most at risk for falling back in with the wrong crowd and relapsing, he developed a love for playing cards.

Content Originally Published By: Tom Valentino, Senior Editor @ Addiction Professional

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