What Is Marijuana Withdrawal

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Marijuana Is A Legal And Illegal Drug Depending On Where You Live: Marijuana is an illegal drug undergoing legalization in many states. Recreational use, medicinal use, and use as a drug, food additive, candy, and tea are occurring in states where it is legal. Marijuana is derived from Cannabis sativa, or the hemp plant. The stems, seeds, leaves and flowers are commonly smoked in cigarettes, pipes, bongs or cigars. More commonly referred to as pot, grass, herb, reefer or weed, cannabis has over 200 ingredients. One ingredient, THC, is used for medicinal purposes to stop nausea, seizures and glaucoma, although thorough widespread testing of the drug has not been conducted or its effectiveness proved. Nor it is FDA approved. 

Is Marijuana Addictive

Is coffee addictive, sugar, tobacco addictive? Can you be dependent on substances and actually need to have them? Yes, and yes again. Marijuana is an intoxicant and all intoxicants can be abused and have harmful effects. As society changes its view on marijuana, many people no longer believe that it is harmful or addictive. Significant adverse effects, however, can be the result of abuse, particularly for teens and young adults. Marijuana abuse is common among all ages and more prevalent with legalization and societal acceptance.

Is There Withdrawal When Use Is Stopped

Withdrawal is different with each substance. Compared to the physical withdrawal symptoms of heroin or alcohol, marijuana withdrawal symptoms are often discounted as mild. Or they may not be recognized as withdrawal symptoms. Discomfort, irritability, restlessness, along with intense depression, aggression and anger can lead to health problems if not recognized and treated. These emotional symptoms are uncomfortable enough to drive some people to leave recovery programs or relapse. Because of the absence of physical withdrawal symptoms, Marijuana detox under medical supervision is not necessary. Because many people believe marijuana is not addictive, they remain unaware of the potential withdrawal symptoms, like aggression, paranoia, and depression that can occur when a person stops taking the drug.

Treatment Options

Detox under medical supervision may be necessary only if other substances are being used at the same time. Other options for marijuana treatment and recovery may include counseling, therapy, twelve-step based support groups and following a doctor prescribed program.



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