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ROR Staff

When JD Roth first got involved with “The Biggest Loser,” the reality show in which people compete to lose the most weight in five months, he assumed he could get contestants to shed about 100 pounds each.

The prosecution rested its case on Friday. Now the defense must decide whom to call as witnesses to defend Bill Cosby — or perhaps decide not to call anyone at all.

Brad Pitt opened up to GQ Style in an extremely personal interview in which he discussed entering therapy, his relationship with religion, why he stopped drinking and how he is working out a custody agreement with his now ex Angelina Jolie.

You probably weren’t expecting to be raising kids again at this stage in your life. At times, the physical, emotional, and financial demands may feel overwhelming. That’s why it’s vitally important that you take care of yourself and get the support you need.

It’s the time of year that my inbox is flooded with questions. What to do? What card to buy? Contact or not? Adult children of narcissistic parents begin reaching out in words of great despair.

It seems odd to talk about exercise as a risky activity, but when a person doesn’t exercise enough or exercises too much, it has consequences for both physical and mental health.

With laws in many states allowing the use of marijuana under a variety of circumstances, it is important to understand how it can affect mental health and when its use becomes a serious problem. 

Everybody shops. It’s how we get necessities like food and clothing, and luxury items like cell phones and home decor. Now more than ever, it’s easier to buy things with 24-hour online shopping, but when does shopping become compulsive buying?

Prescription medications are an important part of treating many health issues and are used effectively by millions of people; however, when misused they become the problem instead of the solution. We’ll look at some of the most commonly misused prescription drugs: opioid pain killers, tranquilizers (used for anxiety and muscle spasms), sedatives (used for sleep disorders), and stimulants (used for ADHD and obesity).

Sex is a completely natural and normal part of the human experience, and when practiced safely and with a respectful partner, it can have health benefits. For some people though, sex becomes an obsession and does more harm than good.

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