What Is Fake It Til You Make It

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Fake it Til You Make it….This is a phrase one hears often when entering recovery. It means just pretend you’re doing well even when you are not because eventually you will be doing well.And, sometimes by faking it you get there faster than expected. Occasionally faking feeling good actually turns into feeling good without you even realizing it.

There have been studies about practicing to smile no matter how you feel and apparently sometimes that actually leads you to feeling happy. Simply the practice of smiling can increase one’s happiness. 

Now when it comes to early recovery there’s little to feel good about. Sure, you’ve made a big decision to change your life and you should feel proud of that. But the realities of early recovery often include feeling physically ill, feeling mentally unstable (at best) and realizing that you have feelings, and worse, have to learn how to feel them. And at the beginning that ain’t no fun. Quite to the contrary, it’s a rollercoaster of guilt, shame, remorse and other uncomfortable and painful things. But using the technique of faking it til you make it can be very helpful.

Quite literally, forcing that smile and getting to that meeting or doctor’s appointment or whatever, when you really don’t want to, helps your mind get you where you need to go during a difficult time. My friend, Rebecca, says that she spent so much time faking it until she made it, she didn’t even realize when the change happened and she was actually glad to be at that meeting. Another good phrase is, move a muscle and change a thought. Early recovery is filled with so much tough stuff that it’s easy to get bogged down by bad feelings. Sometimes just by taking the dog for a walk or going to the grocery store we can get out of our heads for just long enough to forget how bad we feel and see some of the beauty of life.

The trick is to do whatever you have to in order to get to the next phase, the next mood, sometimes just the next day. My friend, Chris, to this day still does a lot of ‘faking it’. He’s moody and he’ll be the first one to admit it. But by tricking his mind into thinking he feels different he usually ends up feeling different.

So, if you’re feeling beat down by early recovery, overwhelmed by your feelings or simply sad because it’s a rainy Winter day, just try and put a smile on your face and act cheerful. Who knows, by lunchtime you may actually be cheerful… TGIF cool

Content Originally Published By: Lindsey Glass @ Reach Out Recovery

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