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22 April 2016 Written by 

These are the keys to finding a simple serene life while living on this planet. We can’t control others or their addictions, but we can control what we allow into our lives. When life comes at us with all of its drama and reality we can use these three A’s to figure out what to do with all of it. Such a simple plan, but first we need to understand what each means to us. Today we will start with the first A.


A student once asked his teacher what is Awareness. The teacher responded, “Eat when you are hungry, sleep when you are tired.” Could the answer truly be that simple? Could it be that I just needed to tune into my own life so that I could read my own body’s signals and take care of them accordingly. In today’s culture we often hear people say, “I was stress eating so badly during all this drama.” Or “I often stay up all night watching Netflix on my laptop.” What would happen if we only ate when we were truly hungry? And what if we went to bed when we were tired no matter if our favorite TV show was on? Would this simple idea transform our lives into something far more manageable and sustainable? The secret to it all was becoming Aware of the life I had.

What was I missing?

Did I know what hunger even felt like? Did I know how wonderful it was to be tired and to take a nap? Probably not since I was eight years old and if I was missing these two basic needs what else was I missing?

  • Did I realize during those times I wanted to say, “No” and didn’t ,how my stomach ached?
  • Did I notice when someone lied to me how I didn’t want to trust them ever again?

  • Was I aware of my need to be hugged when I was lonely?

What I started to notice

As I started to become aware of my life I started noticing some other things:

  • I would get cranky when I was too hungry or tired
  • Staying inside too often would fuel my stress while nature fed my sense of calm
  • Sitting still and just “being” was a great way to deflate my ego of “doing”
  • I didn’t have time to manage others if I was busy taking care of my own needs
  • Others were happier when I didn’t try to manage them

Becoming Aware

Slowly I began to understand what it meant to have Awareness. I started paying attention not only to when I was hungry or tired, but also when I was lonely or angry. And when people bring real life situations into my life I can simply take this first step by being aware of what is happening. While I continue my search for Awareness I am happy to realize it is as easy as eating when I am hungry and taking a nap when I am tired. Turns out my eight year old self was pretty wise.

Content Originally Published By: Nadine Knapp @ Reach Out Recovery

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