How is Reach Out Recovery different from other recovery sites

Reach Out Recovery has many components on its comprehensive website, whose only mission is to provide education, information and support to those impacted by addiction. The organization also from time to time produces documentaries and videos as well as promoting recovery and creating recovery tools.

Why Is Reach Out Recovery a .com and not a .org

Reach Out Recovery owns both domains and chose the .dot com for reasons we no longer remember.

Who owns Reach Out Recovery

Reach Out Recovery is a 501c3 tax exempt nonprofit in the public interest. No one owns it; no one has to pay to use it. In the public interest means we’re there for the public and the public supports us. It costs $2 a minute to keep ROR afloat. We welcome donations of $1 or more.

How is Reach Out Recovery Funded

It costs $2 a minute to keep ROR afloat, not counting documentaries and special projects, of course. The organization is funded by individual donations of all amounts, sponsors, and nonprofit foundations. Your gift of $5 will keep us going for two minutes. If everyone who learned something from ROR gave $1-$5, the organization would be able to support itself and donate to local recovery causes nationwide. Your donation can celebrate a loved one in recovery, or memorialize a loved one you've lost. Donating to ROR is a wonderful way to honor people you love.

What Is Reach Out Recovery

Reach Out Recovery (ROR) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing education, information, and support to the 120 million people impacted by addiction. ROR sponsors dozens of informative videos as well as two award winning documentaries (The Secret World of Recovery and The Silent Majority) that provide information and further the addiction prevention and recovery cause. The comprehensive ROR website attracts people from 10,000 cities all over the world. Visitors spend more time and read more articles on the ROR than any other recovery site.

Is Reach Out Recovery affiliated with a 12 step program or Treatment referral service or treatment center

No, Reach Out Recovery is not affiliated with any 12-step program, referral company, or treatment center. ROR is unbiased.

How can I help Reach Out Recovery

There are many ways to help ROR. You can follow us on Facebook and share articles with your friends. Be an ROR advocate. You can join the ROR Facebook group and share your thoughts on recovery topics. You can submit a guest blog with a contact us query. You can purchase our documentaries, the award winning "The Secret World of Recovery" and "The Silent Majority" to experience what prevention and recovery actually look like. And you can donate. It costs $2 a minute to keep Reach Out Recovery afloat. We will love you forever if you make a  donation of $5 or more. Check out the yellow bar on the top of the page to view our campaign page.

Can Reach Out Recovery Find a Rehab For me

No, ROR is not a referral site. We remain unbiased and cannot promote or refer to treatment centers.

Can treatment centers submit articles to Reach Out Recovery

Yes, with restrictions. Contact us to learn our guidelines.

How can I contact Reach Out Recovery

We love to hear from you. Go to the More tab on the navigation bar. On the drop down menu you will see CONTACT. Click on contact and fill out the form. We will get back to you soonest.