USA Today and NY Times bestselling novelist/journalist, Leslie Glass, and her columnist/screenwriter daughter, Lindsey, cross the country reporting on life after surrender, and reveal some of their own story along the way. This groundbreaking documentary of hope is the first to reveal the facts of life on the other side of addiction, and what it takes for families to heal. 

Ever Wonder how to help teens stay drug and alcohol free? The Silent Majority is a positive documentary about teens and college students impacted by four unique programs that change their lives forever. D-Fy, addiction prevention; Teen Court, intervention; Watch Your BACK, education; and Road Recovery are highlighted to show millions of at risk teens and their families how programs that help them make good choices can be contagious and benefit whole communities.

Reach Out Recovery Media

Reach Out Recovery has 2 short films that have produced to shed light on some of the stigmatized issues that people in recovery face, prior to, during, and after recovery. Watch our trailers below and if you are interested in purchasing one, or both, of the movies please use the link to our Amazon page to make your purchase!