The Lyrics your Kids Are Listening To

At Reach out Recovery as we take a look at the different areas of media and entertainment, music helps tops the list as a super influential one, both good and bad. From the eccentric personalities writing and producing it, to the wild performers singing it, to the truly gifted singer songwriters, there's a lot out there to be fascinated with. Tons of it is fantastic and positive and there are good role models to be found. But also as we enter this mindful age be in the loop about who your kids are listening to and if they understand the lyrics coming their way. Kids are smart, but parents are wise and have experience. Use yours to help your kids get a clear picture of what some of these lyrics really mean so they'll be informed while they are being influenced.

News 2014-08-22

DEA Tightens Controls on Hydrocodone Painkiller Drugs

From The LA Times By Lisa Girion: The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration is putting tighter controls on the nation's most widely prescribed narcotic painkiller in a move to stem an epidemic of addiction, overdose and... Read More »

Students 2014-08-22

Scooby Doo and the Unfortunate Case of Fat Shaming

By Laura Stampler: Tuesday marked the release of Frankencreepy, Warner Bros.’s latest straight-to-video Scooby Doo feature. But it turns out the real villain in the kid’s flick isn’t the monster. It’s Warner Bros. Here... Read More »

Entertainment 2014-08-21

Student Charged In Philip Seymour Hoffman Death Reports on Treatment

From the Fix by Victoria Kim: Juliana Luchkiw, the Parsons student arrested in connection with the actor's heroin overdose, gave the court an update on her treatment progress. ... Read More »

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Opinion 2014-08-22

Arresting the Deliveryman

From the Fix By Paul Gaita: When people ship illegal drugs via shipping services, are the shipping services to blame?  ... Read More »

Family 2014-08-21

17 Year Old Stranded In An Airport: How The 12 Steps Help In All Situations

A Reach Out Recovery Exclusive by Madeline Schloop:  What To Do When A Child Has Lost a Passport On the Way to Volunteering in an Orphanage In A Foreign Country. Step Three Made All The Difference ... Read More »

Lifestyle 2014-08-19

A Guide to Sugar Addiction

From the Fix:Over the last century, Americans’ consumption of sugar has doubled, with adults taking in an average of 22 teaspoons per day. This has led to a marked increase in both obesity and type 2 diabetes. ... Read More »

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