Reach Out Recovery is a non-profit organization whose mission is addiction education, prevention for children and teens, and recovery help and support for the 120 million people impacted by addiction.

Reach Out Recovery provides daily addiction and recovery news from 41 news sources. Contributors of exclusive content includes addiction professionals, recovery and healthy lifestyle coaches, authors, people in recovery and family members who have experienced addiction and the recovery journey.

Reach Out Recovery offers addiction and substance information about heroin, meth, opiates, marijuana legalization, fentanyl, nicotine, alcohol, sugar, vaping, chemical dependency, food disorders, and more.

 "I realized the problem was me, Reach Out Recovery helped me see through the fog."

Resources for help and articles about relationships 12 step programs and other programs that promote and give daily support for recovery. We are constantly reporting on relevant issues related to sex addiction, food disorders, gambling addiction, and digital device addiction. Recovery includes what are the stages of grief, what is rehab, how to help an alcoholic, how to avoid relapse, warning signs and symptoms. These questions only scratch the surface of the subjects crucial to understanding what is drug addiction, how it affects everyone, and how to cope.

Ryan P.

I suggest your site to all my clients in treatment. They find it a safe place to support their recovery without any of the triggers being pictured. Thanks for being a safe place for my clients.

Olga J.

I stumbled upon your site because I was looking for something to read while I was on break at treatment. I feel like I have found a friend to help me with my recovery. Thanks.

Walter G.

My daughter is in a treatment center and they recommended your site to help me understand the recovery community. I never knew anything about methadone, but thanks to your site I am learning not only about the drug, but that recovery is possible and how to help my daughter's recovery. Thank you … read more

Gina R.

ROR Reader
Love your Daily "Did You Know" Video Series. Learning a lot.

James I.

Grieving Parent
My son passed away from Opioid Addiction last year. Your site has been a real comfort to my wife and myself. Reading your blogs about other parents who are hurting like us has really helped.