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Explore 4 reasons visitors spend more time on ROR than any other recovery site


ROR Is A Non Profit
Our only mission is education, prevention, and recovery information to help the 120 million people impacted by substance use and behavior disorders.
ROR Serves Everyone
Addiction is a family disease. Those suffering from it and their family members all need help. ROR provides unbiased, relatable tools to restore their relationships and heal.
Focus On Recovery
Everyone knows what addiction looks like, but recovery is all too often a secret. ROR focuses on solutions offering hope and positive messages for change in every area of life.
ROR Has No Ads
People coping with addiction need a safe place to explore the issues without commercial interruption. ROR is ad and commercial free to protect our visitors.


 Read what people are saying about ROR.

My daughter is in a treatment center and they recommended your site to help me understand the recovery community. I never knew anything about methadone, but thanks to your site I am learning not only about the drug, but that recovery is possible and how to help my daughter's recovery. Thank you for being there.
Walter G.
Walter G.

I stumbled upon your site because I was looking for something to read while I was on break at treatment. I feel like I have found a friend to help me with my recovery. Thanks!
Olga J.
Olga J.

My son passed away from Opioid Addiction last year. Your site has been a real comfort to my wife and myself. Reading your blogs about other parents who are hurting like us has really helped.
James I.
James I.
Grieving Parent

I suggest your site to all my clients in treatment. They find it a safe place to support their recovery without any of the triggers being pictured. Thanks for being a safe place for my clients.
Ryan P.
Ryan P.

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