News 2014-12-19

Nebraska and Oklahoma Sue Colorado Over Marijuana Legalization

From Drug Policy Alliance: Suit Claims Neighboring States Have Increased Law Enforcement Costs Due to CO Law and that Federal Law Trumps State Law DPA: Misguided Attempt at Odds with Congress, Federal Policy and Will ... Read More »

Students 2014-12-17

Watch out Internet Meanies Game Could Soon Be Over For You

From  Science Daily: Bullies and mean girls have been around forever but, with the arrival of smartphones and social media, meanness has taken on new forms and dramatically extended its reach. ... Read More »

Entertainment 2014-12-18

Melissa Etheridge Launching Line of Cannabis-Infused Wines

 By McCarton Ackerman: The Grammy-winning singer-songwriter has been a staunch advocate of medical marijuana after her battle with breast cancer. ... Read More »

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Opinion 2014-12-10

What To Expect With Stimulant Withdrawal

Reach Out Recovery Exclusive by Joey Holub  Know All The Stimulants --Tobacco, Energy Drinks, Ritalin and Cocaine Are Among Stimulants That Have Withdrawal Symptoms. Tips On Getting Off Them ... Read More »

Family 2014-12-12

What To Do When a Dog's Life is On the Line?

A Reach Out Exclusive By Madeline Schloop: What does a parent do when an adult child's pet’s life is on the line? And He Wants You To Foot A Crazy Bill ... Read More »

Lifestyle 2014-12-18

5 Ways to Prep Healthy Breakfasts Ahead of Time

By Jennifer So: Do your weekday mornings feel like a mad rush? Yeah, us too. Wake up, work out (sometimes), shower, dress, get the kids ready…oh, and have a balanced, healthy breakfast, too. ... Read More »

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