News 2014-10-20

Pennsylvania Gov Blames Employee Drug Testing On Job Creation Woes

By McCarton Ackerman: Gov. Corbett thinks his poor jobs record has something to do with employees not taking drug tests.  ... Read More »

Students 2014-09-17

Identifying Teen Alcohol and Drug Abuse

From Science Daily: The number of teens who abuse tobacco, alcohol, drugs and other substances hasn't changed much in the past couple of decades -- but for those who are prone to addiction for one reason or another, th... Read More »

Entertainment 2014-10-20

What Happens When You Relapse On Stage

By Mishka Shubaly: Mishka Shubaly was on tour with Doug Stanhope when he unknowingly took a sip of alcohol in front of hundreds.  ... Read More »

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Opinion 2014-10-20

Addiction Impacts Family Members More Than They Know

A Reach Out Recovery Exclusive by Leslie Glass: Thanks ROR For Opening My Eyes: I Didn’t Know Alcoholism Destroyed My Marriage ... Read More »

Family 2014-10-17

Fear Of Happiness Is As Chronic As Addiction: There's A Way Out

A Reach Out Recovery exclusive by Madeline Schloop:   Why Are Family Members Afraid Of Being Happy. How to Break The Cycle of Woe ... Read More »

Lifestyle 2014-10-20

Why Your Brain Makes You Reach For Junk Food

From Science Daily: Will that be a pizza for you or will you go for a salad? Choosing what you eat is not simply a matter of taste, conclude scientists in a new study at the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital... Read More »

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