Make yourself at home with our powerful new tool to understand and cope with the nation’s #1 health issue. Addiction impacts nearly every family. Learn all about it and talk amongst yourselves. Addiction prevention and recovery are not a taboo subjects anymore. Together we can end the stigma, help our families, and heal.

Reach Out Recovery is providing the platform, connectivity, and outreach to give 120 million Americans impacted by addiction the information they need to restore their lives. We collaborate.
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We inform. Millions of Americans struggle with addictions to food, tobacco, alcohol, substances, and a wide variety of compulsive behaviors. Even more staggering are the 120-million people directly impacted by the addiction of a loved one, family member, friend, or coworker.
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For Reach Out Recovery Community means the place where the information database and collaboration come together. Reach Out Recovery is here to provide the means of connecting all those affected by addiction with the information they need.
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Providing Daily Information About Addiction And Healthy Living

Your own information database for addiction and healthy living. Here you can read the daily news and hear from the professionals. Learn about addictions and how they impact you. Find tips on family, relationships, and parenting. Get connected to others asking the same questions. Find free community resources to help.



Buzz Kill Three Daily Alcoholic Drinks May Boost Stroke Risk

30-01-2015 Naina Bajekal

Buzz Kill Three Dail…

BY BILL BRIGGS AND JUDY SILVERMAN:  You may want to keep that third beer of the night stashed in your fridge. ...

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This Is the No 1 Driver of Diabetes and Obesity

29-01-2015 Alexandra Sifferlin

This Is the No 1 Dri…

By Alexandra Sifferlin: A primary driver for type 2 diabetes is sugar, according to a new report. In the report, publis...

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Feelings of Loneliness Depression Linked to Binge-Watching Television

29-01-2015 Mind & Brain News -- ScienceDaily

Feelings of Loneline…

From Science Daily: It seems harmless: getting settled in for a night of marathon session for a favorite TV show, like H...

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